Gradient Eggs & Bounties

Mint a rare EGG and win a bounty!

Each time an EGG is minted, there is a 3% chance that the color attribute gets overwritten with a two-color gradient pattern.

In addition to minting a rare EGG, a bounty of 1000 $ECH will be paid to the minters of the first 5 Gradient Eggs. (3 Gradient EGG bounties were paid, but a bug was found. See below)

Gradient EGG bug

The randomness formula used to determine if an EGG gets a gradient color is as follows:

uint256(keccack256(abi.encode(shapeIndex**2 + block.difficulty))) % 100 < 3 = Gradient EGG.

However, while this works well enough on most EVM chains, the main variable in this equation (block.difficulty) is always 0 on Echelon. This means that shape 30 will always be gradient, and will be the only shape to be gradient.

*NOTE* Since there are only 33 possible color combinations and a total of 29 gradient eggs. There is a high probability of at least one pair of gradient eggs being twins (having the same color pattern).

Ultimately, this does not affect the roadmap at all, since gradient eggs do not have an advantage in staking, but due to this issue there will be a change to the way the last two bounties are done.

New Bounty Method

The final two bounties will be given at random to 2 eggs between #112 and #550.

One EGG will be drawn at random from eggs 112-350, and another EGG will be drawn at random from eggs 351-550. The second bounty drawing will coincide with the launching of our $sEGG liquidity pool.

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