$sEGG and EGG Staking

Stake your EGG and earn rewards!

To further provide value to EGG holders we will be launching a reflection token called $sEGG (Scrambled Egg).


  • 10 billion total supply

  • 6 billion allocated to the staking contract

  • 3 billion allocated to LP (LP tokens will be burned so liquidity is locked forever)

  • 1 billion allocated to Founder/Dev

  • 10% reflection on all transactions


  • The staking contract will start with a balance of 6 billion $sEGG

  • Being the largest holder of $sEGG tokens, the staking contract will earn a large percentage of all reflections

  • All $sEGG in the staking contract in excess of 5 billion tokens will be available to claim as staking rewards

  • Holders can stake their EGG NFTs custodially to earn rewards

  • After staking for 2 weeks, stakers will be able to claim a percentage of the excess pool amount proportional to their share of total EGG staked.

*NOTE* The staking contract is intentionally being over-funded to incentivize early minters and stakers. After the first claims take place the contract will likely be depleted close to the reserve amount and rewards will rely on an influx of $sEGG from reflections and internal marketplace fees.

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